Resolutions 1997

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Resolution Number Date Title
1997-015 11-15-97 Resolution: Urging the President and the Inspector General to present individual performance plans for FY 1999
1997-014 11-15-97 Resolution: Dissolving the Ad Hoc Committee on Performance Reviews of the President and Inspector General and Establishing the 1997 Annual Performance Review Committee
1997-013 11-15-97 Resolution: Establishing two Vice Presidencies and abolishing the Office of Executive Vice President
1997-012 11-15-97 Resolution: Congratulating the Project Advisory Group on its 30th anniversary
1997-011 10-15-97 Resolution: Appointing John A. Tull acting Executive Vice President of the Legal Services Corporation
1997-010 10-15-97 Resolution: Budget "Mark" for FY 1999
1997-009 09-20-97 Resolution: Conferring temporary operating authority for FY 1998
1997-008 09-20-97 Resolution: Reallocating funds in the corporation's management and administration budget
1997-007 09-20-97 Resolution: Amending the corporation's consolidated operating budget guidelines
1997-006 05-10-97 Resolution: Revised communications policy
1997-005 05-10-97 Resolution: Filing and processing of employee grievances against the President or Inspector General
1997-004 03-08-97 Resolution: Adopting a full services thrift contract arrangement
1997-003 01-06-97 Resolution: Appointing Martha Bergmark President of the Legal Services Corporation
1997-002 01-06-97 Resolution: Adoption of the budget "Mark" for FY 1998
1997-001 01-06-97 Resolution: Adoption of the Consolidated Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 1997