Sample Documents: Grantee Operation

This page provides sample policies, procedures, and related forms relevant to grantee operation. We collected these documents from various LSC grantees, made some modifications for presentation, and provide them for your reference as examples.

LSC has NOT reviewed these documents for compliance with all currently applicable requirements. Each program must determine for itself if the document is appropriate for your situation and the current LSC requirements. We have not included examples for Parts 1614, 1626, 1627, and 1630 because they have undergone recent revisions. When LSC obtains sample updated policies for these regulations, we will include them here for your reference. Similarly, interpretations, best practices, and other guidance could render prior examples less useful or accurate.

The following link will open a folder in, which is separated into two subfolders. One has documents in Word format and the other has documents in Acrobat PDF format. You can browse the documents and download your own copies. You do not need a account to view the folder.