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TO: LSC Program Directors

FROM: Randi Youells, Vice President for Programs

DATE: September 16, 2002


Implementation of the 2000 Census to Calculate 2003 Grant Awards

            Within the last several days, LSC has received inquiries from grantees and other equal justice stakeholders asking whether LSC, in the event of a Continuing Resolution as opposed to an appropriation, would use the 1990 census figures to compute 2003 grant awards.   As we have shared with you on previous occasions, on January 1, 2003, LSC will implement the 2000 census data, which will affect the distribution of federal dollars to LSC-funded grantees. LSC will use the 2000 census numbers to calculate 2003 grant awards regardless of whether we are funded under a Continuing Resolution or an appropriation.   

We understand the census reallocation will result in a significant reduction of LSC-funding to legal services providers in some areas of the country, and a significant increase to providers in other areas of the country.  We also understand that some of you facing a significant reduction in your funding are taking the position that LSC should delay implementation of the 2000 census until LSC has an appropriation.  Unfortunately, LSC's Office of Legal Affairs has informed me that this is not an option available to LSC.  

            Thank you for your communications to LSC on census issues.  Be assured that LSC remains committed to ensuring that there is sufficient federal funding to support a national legal services delivery system that provides the most effective and efficient legal assistance for the low-income people in each of our states and territories. 



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