To:          All LSC Program Directors
From:      John A. Tull
                Vice President, Programs 
Date:       May 12, 1998
Subject:   CSR Handbook

      We have recently found that two programs have been misunderstanding the CSR closing codes and, consequently, incorrectly classifying and counting LSC cases. Correct classification and reporting of all LSC-supported cases is very important for measuring each program's service to its own clients and our national program's service to all our clients.

      In an effort to maintain the quality of this critical information, we are sending the attached July 1993 Case Service Report Instruction Handbook to all programs. We ask that each of you review it carefully. Please pay close attention to the definition of each case closing code and review your program's internal CSR instructions and practices to make certain they conform with the definitions in this Handbook. We further request that you ensure that each of your branch offices has a copy of this Handbook.

      We would also like to remind you that programs should take care not to count as CSR cases any cases that:

(1) are restricted case types under either the LSC Act or our current appropriations act, Public Law 105-119; (2) are for clients who do not meet your program's LSC income and asset eligibility criteria adopted pursuant to 45 CFR 1611;(1) (3) are referrals to others of cases falling into categories 1 and 2 above;(2) or (4) are wholly funded with non-LSC funds.

      Please note that the reference to the Program Support and Technical Assistance Division (PSTAD) on Page 3 of the CSR Handbook is outdated. If you have any questions about the definitions in the Handbook or their application to case closing situations you encounter, or if you need any further information, please contact John Meyer at (202) 336-8909.


1 Cases for clients who were initially eligible and become ineligible should be closed under CSR category J, "Change in Eligibility."

2 Cases that fall under categories 1 and 2 above may be referred, but may not be included in your CSR’s. Category C, "Referred After Assessment" should be used for an eligible case which is referred after some legal work has been done on it.


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