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To: All LSC Program Directors

From: Danilo Cardona, Acting Vice President for Programs

Date: July 26, 1999

Subject: Semi-Annual Reports and Information Survey

Semi-Annual Reports Due August 2

            There are two semi-annual reports which are due August 2. The first is the Legislative and Administrative Rulemaking Report required by 45 CFR Section 1612.10(c). Submission of this report is required for all programs, even if there is no legislative or rulemaking activity to report. The report should be submitted in hard-copy by mail.

            The second semi-annual report due August 2 is the Case Disclosure Report required by 45 CFR Section 1644.4(b). This report should also be submitted in hard copy by mail. In addition to the hard-copy report required by regulation, all programs are also required to submit an electronic summary report indicating the numbers of cases included in the hard-copy report. The summary report is called "Case Summary Report" and is available at the Recipient Information Network website, at

Information Survey

            Numerous programs have commented that the existing case service reporting system does not capture the full extent of the work which programs do on behalf of clients. In particular, the existing system does not capture information about "matters" other than cases, or "outcomes" which clients experience as a result of programs' efforts on their behalf. In addition, the existing system does not give any indication of what the demand for legal assistance is. This latter piece of information is essential to: (1) determining how well programs are meeting the need for legal assistance; and (2) persuading sources of funding such as the United States Congress that additional resources are necessary.

            In order to develop the means for collecting information about matters, outcomes, and legal needs, LSC has prepared the enclosed survey which all programs should complete and return to LSC by September 30. LSC will use the results of the survey to identify current practices among programs of maintaining information other than case statistics. Knowledge about current practices will provide the basis for determining how to proceed to develop the means for collecting information about matters, outcomes, and legal needs.

            LSC strongly encourages all programs to provide input through the information survey. Please direct questions about the information survey to Ted Faris, Director of Information Management, at (202) 336-8917, e-mail:

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