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Program Letter 99-7


John McKay

Board of Directors
Douglas S. Eakeley
Roseland, NJ

John N. Erlenborn
Issue, MD
Vice Chairman

Hulett H. Askew
Atlanta, GA

LaVeeda M. Battle
Birmingham, AL

John T. Broderick, Jr.
Manchester, NH

Edna Fairbanks-Williams
Fairhaven, VT

F. Wm. McCalpin
St. Louis, MO

Maria Luisa Mercado
Galveston, TX

Nancy H. Rogers
Columbus, OH

Thomas F. Smegal, Jr.
San Francisco, CA

Ernestine P. Watlington
Harrisburg, PA
TO: All LSC Program Directors

FROM: Danilo A. Cardona, Acting Vice President for Programs

DATE: December 6, 1999

RE: Postponement of Change in Disbursement of Grant Checks

            On November 17, 1999, Program Letter 99-6 was issued, informing all programs that LSC would change the disbursement schedule for grant checks, beginning in the year 2000, so as to issue one check each month for 1/12 of the total grant amount, instead of issuing the first check in January for 2/12 of the grant amount and not issuing a check in December.

            It was pointed out to us that some programs rely on the double check in January and were not given sufficient notice to prepare for this change. LSC concurs and has, therefore, decided to postpone this change until the year 2001. Accordingly, the implementation of Program Letter 99-6 is postponed until January 2001. For the year 2000, the disbursement schedule for grant checks will be unchanged from 1999.

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