Arkansans Concerned Over Evictions Amid COVID-19

On Friday, people protested in front of the Governor's Mansion asking state leaders to cancel rent and not have evictions during this COVID-19 crisis. 

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson addressed concerns at Friday's press conference, "if you can't pay your rent because of losing your job, lack of income, or because of COVID-19 there is help for you," he said.

Kendall Lewellen, an attorney with the Center for Arkansas Legal Services recommends paying your rent, but there are options if you need assistance. "Please pay your rent, but if you are served with some legal papers I wouldn't just conclude there is no hope for you, I would reach out for help," Lewellen said.

If you need legal advice about renters' rights or evictions, you can reach out to the Center for Arkansas Legal Services.

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