Burdens of Coronavirus Make Legal Aid Vital to Delaware’s Economic Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and our lives and has left countless Delawareans facing new and unanticipated civil legal challenges that directly affect their safety, shelter, and economic security. No group has been more impacted than low-income Delaware families.

Our state should use every available means to provide relief in this time of crisis. Civil legal aid is the first line of defense for vulnerable people facing eviction, foreclosure, domestic violence, and public benefit denials and should be a crucial component to our state’s approach to recovering from this pandemic.  

The direct and indirect health, social and economic consequences of these unmet legal needs cost our state much more than it would ensure that everyone who needed legal help received it.  

Civil legal aid must be part of Delaware's front-line response to preventing eviction, domestic violence, and destitution during a pandemic when unemployment, eviction filings and desperation increase.

If we do not act quickly and ensure that civil legal aid agencies are adequately funded, the health, social, and economic consequences to our state will be devastating. 

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