COVID pandemic leads to more domestic violence hotline calls in New York state, Oneida County

A health professional was physically abused because the abuser thought the worker was trying to infect the abuser with COVID-19, the health professional said to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Another caller said he or she couldn’t file paperwork to get the abuser out of their home because the courts were closed due to COVID-19.

And another caller said abuse had escalated during the pandemic and that when the caller tested positive for COVID-19, the abuser used isolation to keep the caller from contacting family and threatened the caller, who is in the process of becoming a citizen, with deportation.

Those details from hotline calls were included in a hotline report on the first 60 days of the pandemic. Hotline contacts went up 9 percent between March 16 and May 16, according to the report.

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