Directive Passed to Lift Non-Payment of Rent Eviction Moratorium

On June 25th, Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada signed a directive that all non-payment of rent evictions and foreclosures will be pushed back until September 1st.

Rhea Gertken, Directing Attorney of the Nevada Legal Services, said during these uncertain times, it is recommended that tenants and landlords work together.

“We are in a pandemic, this is a crisis, this is a national and state emergency, people should not be getting disbursed into our community, and we are going to let people stay in their homes while we all try to work through this together,” said Gertken.

Gertken said many are still waiting for their unemployment, and others are barely returning to work, making rent hard to pay. This situation is also making it difficult for landlords, but Gertken said the moratorium is also providing them relief. 

As this global pandemic continues, Gertken said it is critical that everyone knows their rights.

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