Here's What to Do If You Can't Pay August Rent

One in five renters is at risk of eviction by the fall, with the undocumented, people of color and low-income renters most vulnerable, according to the report.

"I expect that we are going to see a lot of families thrust into homelessness right as we are starting the school year, which is fraught with complications already. I hope that we can build on our connections in the community and partner with landlords to try to give people a little more time," said Erin O. Planalp, managing attorney at Iowa Legal Aid. 

If you are not able to pay your rent, talk to your landlord. Many will agree to take partial payments or to set a payment plan. But if you still can't make rent, you need to know what protections you have to avoid eviction. 

At this point, tenants are more likely to be protected by a local moratorium, which may have been extended or remain in place. 

For example, in New York State, the governor extended the eviction moratorium until August 20. In Washington, the moratorium on evictions was extended through October 15 and in Massachusetts through October 17. You can check on the status in your state at Eviction Lab.

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