Landlord Group Says Lawsuit Over Eviction Moratorium Is a 'Last Step'

For the past four months, trade groups representing landlords and property owners have attempted to get additional state funds released for tenants and landlords, but those monies have been slow to release. 

Now those same groups are suing to overturn the eviction moratorium imposed by Gov. Doug Ducey, which created a situation they deem "unsustainable." However, tenant advocates say that landlords have already been evicting tenants and can receive money from evicted tenants..." 

The moratorium still allows for evictions to take place, but tenants cannot be removed from their residences if they qualify under certain COVID-19 exemptions. However, the process has proven to be tricky. 

"We've been patient. We've tried to work with policymakers to try to get more resources in the hands of renters," Jake Hinman, Government Relations for one of the groups currently suing to overturn the eviction moratorium, the Arizona Multihousing Association said, adding that they've been working on trying to get more assistance for more than four months, including going to the federal levels. 

"It's not that evictions ever stopped here," said Pamela Bridge, director of advocacy and litigation at Community Legal Services.

Because the eviction moratorium only delays eviction enforcement and only under certain circumstances, hundreds of evictions in Pima and Maricopa County have occurred since Ducey's order went into effect.

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