South Carolina Legal Aid Experts Fear Onslaught of Evictions and Foreclosures

The South Carolina Bar has launched a toll-free legal assistance hotline for low-income residents who may be facing eviction, mortgage foreclosure or other legal problems.

Although the state has paid more than $585 million in state and federal benefits, legal experts said Monday, in the weeks and months ahead, they expect a deluge of renters and homeowners who will be unable to keep up with payments.

Greenville attorney Mark Fessler of South Carolina Legal Services said many residents mistakenly think the extensions free them of their obligations to pay. They do not, and he urges those who can pay to continue doing so stating, “this is not a waiver.”

Those who qualify will be matched with South Carolina lawyers who have volunteered to provide free legal help. The number for South Carolina Legal Services is 888-346-5592, which is open Monday through Thursday.

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