Talk Justice, an LSC Podcast, Episode 8: Legal Tech Experts Preview Innovations in Technology Conference

In the latest episode of LSC’s “Talk Justice” podcast, moderator Jason Tashea and three legal technology experts discuss the upcoming conference’s value and broader questions about technology’s role in expanding access to justice. Tashea is joined by Bob Ambrogi, a lawyer and a legal tech journalist; Amanda BrownFounder and Executive Director, Lagniappe Law Lab; and Jane Ribadeneyra, LSC’s Program Analyst for Technology. 

Each year, LSC’s Innovations in Technology Conference brings together technologists, legal aid advocates, court personnel, pro bono coordinators and other professionals to showcase technology projects and tools to improve access to civil legal services for those most in need. The upcoming conference, scheduled for January 12-14, will be reimagined for a virtual environment. It will feature presentations to spark discussions, live interactive sessions and networking opportunities.  

In the podcast, the speakers explore why the technology topics featured at the conference are more relevant than ever this year, as the entire legal community adapts to the challenges the pandemic poses to delivering legal services and the surge in the demand for legal help. They discuss the critical importance of technology to access to justice efforts and examples of successful initiatives.

“Technology is not just ancillary to the effective delivery of legal services, it's a core component of it,” explains Ambrogi. “I think that's part of the reason this conference has become so important, because everybody recognizes that you're not ever going to really deliver effective assistance to all who need it without technology being part of that formula. It’s not 100% of the answer, but it’s a core component of it.

“When I look at what this conference is all about, the themes of this year, I really see emerging this very people-centric approach to using technology to help solve the access to justice gap,” notes Brown. “We’re really starting to get a handle on what the technologies are for legal services. Now we’re moving into a more mature phase, where we’re able to say: ‘Yes, we have all these things, and we have enough experience with them. This is how we can make a better experience for the actual client.’”

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