U.S. Looking at “a Tsunami of Evictions” as Moratoriums Expire

More than a dozen states, including South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Wisconsin, have allowed eviction proceedings to resume. By the beginning of June, more than half of the states will have no protections in place for renters. By the end of July, almost none will. 

“We are on the precipice of an enormous eviction crisis, a housing crisis that will have societal consequences for the indefinite future unless we intervene immediately,” said Emily Benfer, a visiting professor at Columbia Law School and director of the Health Justice Advocacy Clinic. 

Patrice Paldino, the executive director of Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, said her office is expecting “a tsunami of evictions” after Florida’s moratorium expires on June 2. Already, Legal Aid is hearing from people who have received notices that their landlord intends to move forward with an eviction. 

“Now all of a sudden we’ve decided on this arbitrary date of early June, and we’re going to be okay with everyone being homeless as of early June?” – Patrice Paldino.

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