Women Veterans Say They Were Told With Little Notice to Leave

The four residents of the transitional housing facility for homeless and in-need women veterans say they were shocked last Thursday night when told they had to be out by Tuesday.

The women who live at the Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope said they were given the news by the organization’s board president.

Board member John Crowley said the women are not being evicted, but have been asked to temporarily move out. He said Monday the facility’s doors will remain open to them.

“Nobody was evicted, we did give them a timeline of Tuesday, but we’re not going to close the doors until everybody has safe housing,” Crowley said.

Angela Husband reached out to Pine Tree Legal. Katy Childs, a Pine Tree lawyer, said she spoke with Husband and with House of Hope’s lawyer, and said she is prepared to file a temporary restraining order or TRO, on Tuesday if the women are told they must leave. 

“Our concern is what is going to happen Tuesday. We are prepared to file a TRO if we have to, to stop an illegal eviction. If no legal action is needed, that’d be wonderful if we can resolve that and no one ends up homeless or forced out of their residence,” Childs said.

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