Reporting Requirements

If awarded a 2021 Basic Field Grant, you agree to the following terms and conditions, which will govern our relationship and your activities during the grant term: Grant Objective. You will provide...
All grantees are required to submit reports and other information to LSC. Pro Bono Innovation Fund grantees have additional reporting requirements that must be submitted to LSC by the due dates provided as part of the acceptance of the award.
For reporting other services, please see page 20 of the Grant Activity Reports Guidance Document .
Case Service Reporting provides key definitions and responses to frequently asked questions regarding case management systems, reporting requirements, documentation requirements, types of case services, referrals, case definitions and closure categories, legal problem code categories and codes, private attorney involvement cases, and transitional questions.
This document lists requirements for submitting reports and other information to Legal Services Corporation. Unless otherwise indicated, if due dates for required reports fall on a weekend or holiday the reports are due on the next business day.
Milestone Reporting & Payment Requests Milestone Modifications & Extensions Budget Modifications TIG Final Reports, Sample Final Reports & Replicable Projects TIG Evaluation Plans TIG...