This page contains LSC's open rulemakings considered pursuant to LSC's rulemaking protocol.

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Cost Standards and Property Management, Acquisition, and Disposal—45 CFR Part 1630 and the Property Acquisition and Management Manual

Information about this rulemaking and the related workshops appears at the Rulemaking—Cost Standards and Property Management, Acquisition, and Disposal webpage.

45 CFR Part 1629—Bonding Requirements for Recipients

On May 3, LSC published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Part 1629 in the Federal Register. LSC is proposing several changes to the bonding requirements applicable to recipients of LSC grants, including (1) defining the term “annualized funding level” to encompass Basic Field Grants and any special grant funds (for example, Technology Initiative Grants, Pro Bono Innovation Fund grants, or emergency relief grants); (2) expanding the list of individuals required to be covered by a recipient’s bond; and (3) revising the rule to permit recipients to purchase fidelity bonds or employee dishonesty policies that include deductibles. 

Final Rule

LSC will present the final rule to the Operations and Regulations Committee and the full Board on July 20–22, 2017.

Proposed Rule

Comments on Proposed Rule