Matters for Comment

Open rulemakings can be found at Rulemaking

PLEASE NOTE that LSC may post comments at; personally identifiable information such as phone numbers and addresses may be redacted upon request and LSC may redact third party personal information. Comments are also subject to FOIA disclosure without redaction.

Closed Comment Periods

Proposed 2016 Grant Assurances

On April 17, 2015, LSC posted for comment Proposed 2016 Grant Assurances in redline format, highlighting proposed revisions from the 2015 Grant Assurances, and a Federal Register notice with instructions for submitting comments. Both documents are available from the LSC Grants Reference Materials page. 

Written comments on the Proposed 2016 Grant Assurances were dueby May 17, 2015. See the notice published in the Federal Register for more information.

Agricultural Worker Population Estimate Update for Basic Field—Migrant Grants

On February 3, 2015, LSC posted in the Federal Register a request for comments regarding updating the Basic Field—Migrant grants based on new data from the Department of Labor regarding agricultural workers and their dependents.  Written comments were due by April 20, 2015.

Public Comments on Agricultural Worker Population Estimate Update

Proposed 2015 Grant Assurances

LSC Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Public Comments on Draft LSC Strategic Plan 2012-2016  

LSC Strategic Planning 2011-2015 - Request for Comments     

Public Comments on LSC Strategic Planning 2011-2015

 Draft Financial-Screening Program Letter

Fiscal Oversight Task Force Report to LSC’s Board of Directors

Fiscal Oversight Task Force Report to LSC’s Board of Directors (July 28, 2011)


Summary Report of Comments Submitted

Poverty Data and LSC Funding Distribution