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Office of Compliance and Enforcement

Lora Rath
Director, Office of Compliance and Enforcement

The mission of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement (OCE) is to review compliance by grantees with the LSC Act, regulations, instructions, guidelines and grant assurances. OCE is also charged with responding promptly and effectively to inquiries and complaints pertaining to recipients filed by members of the public.

OCE responsibilities include the following:

  • Investigate complaints referred by Members of Congress to LSC management pertaining to LSC grant recipients.
  • Review, assess and respond to public complaints.
  • Provide prior approvals to recipients for major expenditures.
  • Review and respond to recipients' requests for waivers related to Private Attorney Involvement requirements, fund balances and fund deficits.
  • Review and approve recipient subgrant agreements.
  • Provide follow up to the referrals of findings by the Office of Inspector General through the referral procedures.
  • Initiate and follow up on questioned-cost matters.
  • Investigate recipients' compliance with the regulations recipients agreed to abide by when accepting federal funding.
  • Review and assess equal opportunity policy statements, sexual harassment policies, and notice of handicap accessibility.

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