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LSC Media Contact

Carl Rauscher
Director of Communications and Media Relations


Archived Photographs

LSC Board of Directors

The LSC Board of Directors in Seattle, July 2011. From left, seated: Martha Minow, John G. Levi, Julie A. Reiskin,Gloria Valencia-Weber, Laurie Mikva. From left, standing: Robert J. Grey Jr., Victor B. Maddox, The Rev. Pius Pietrzyk, O.P., Charles N.W. Keckler, Sharon L. Browne, Harry J.F. Korrell III. Photo by Kevin Casey/KPC Photography.



LSC Board Chairman John Levi, Vice Chair Martha Minow, LSC President James Sandman

LSC Board Chairman John G. Levi, LSC Board Vice Chair Martha Minow, and LSC President James J. Sandman at inaugural meeting of the LSC Board's Pro Bono Task Force on August 1, 2011. Photo by Martha Stewart/marthapix.


LSC Board Chairman John Levi at Pro Bono reception

LSC Board Chairman John G. Levi at reception in Louisville, Kentucky, October 13, 2010, honoring pro bono lawyers who volunteer at LSC-funded programs in Kentucky. Photo by Brian Bohannon Photography.


LSC President James J. Sandman

LSC President James J. Sandman, March 2011.  Photo by Dakota Fine.

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