Quick Facts

Current Funding from Congress: $385,000,000 
Inflation-Adjusted Funding Necessary to Match LSC’s Largest Appropriation of $420 million in FY 2010: $465 million (2016 dollars necessary to match 2010 appropriation)
Average Percentage of Grantee Funding from LSC:  38%
Number of People Now Eligible for LSC-funded Assistance: 60.6 million
Percentage of Population Eligible for LSC-funded Assistance:  18.9%
Total Number of People in all Households Served by LSC Grantees:  1,861,333
Breakdown of People Served by Gender:  Women: 70%, Men: 30% 
Total Cases Closed Nationwide: 755,774
Total Number of Veterans Served by LSC Grantees: 44,569
Number of LSC Grantees:  133
Number of LSC Grantee Offices: 812 Offices 
Total Number of Staff at LSC Grantees: 9,096 FTE
Average Salary of LSC Grantee Staff Attorneys, (0-5 years of experience):


Income Eligibility for LSC-funded Services, (125% of federal poverty guideline):

$15,075 for individual, $30,750 for family of four
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