2015 LSC Technology Initiative Grants Conference Session Videos

The plenaries and some breakout sessions from the 2015 Technology Initiative Conference in San Antonio, TX were recorded and are posted below.

LSC Board Chairman John Levi's lunch keynote highlighted the importance of technology in expanding access to justice across the United States, including key initiatives funded through the TIG program.

Videos from several other popular 2015 TIG conference sessions are included below:

Welcome and Opening Plenary: Improving Access to Justice through Technology - A Global Perspective

Access to Justice is a local issue on a global scale. The challenges low-income people in the US face in finding help for their legal problems are faced by people around the world. This panel looked at how other countries are using technology to improve access and at how those solutions and ours can be shared to the benefit of all. It explored efforts underway to provide coordination and cooperation. Also, it looked at how understanding legal procedures from other countries can be helpful in understanding the mindsets of those from other cultures seeking our help.

Moderator: Glenn Rawdon,Program Counsel for Technology, Legal Services Corporation

Presenters: Bonnie Rose Hough, Managing Attorney, Judicial Council of California; John Hunter Simpson, Manager, Community and Publishing Services, Legal Aid BC (Legal Services Society); Roger Smith, Freelance Researcher; Jin Ho Verdonschot, Justice Technology Architect, HiiL Innovating Justice

Data Analytics: Using Data You Have (and maybe others!) to Analyze Service Delivery

This session presented current data analysis projects around the country and provided insight into what data is used, how it is analyzed, and what it tells us. The session presented three projects and then a short presentation of Big Data concepts and current practice.

Presenters: Chuck Hays, Knowledge and Database Manager, Florida Bar Foundation; Ed Marks, Executive Director, New Mexico Legal Aid; Jonathan Pyle, Contract Performance Officer, Philadelphia Legal Assistance; Joyce Raby, Consultant, JoyceRaby.com

Click to view presenters' slide decks: Chuck Hays, Ed Marks, Jonathan Pyle, and Joyce Raby.

The Next Generation of Online Triage: A Breath of Fresh AIR (Advice, Information and Referral)

Are you overwhelmed with telephone traffic? Are you seeking ways to better serve your most remote rural areas - far from neighborhood offices? Do you want to be available to potential clients 24/7? Or maybe you're looking for new ways to make your intake systems work more efficiently? This session answered these questions by covering four new online "triage" systems developed by three New England programs and by South Carolina Legal Services. The South Carolina model utilizes Neota Logic software, which interfaces with their SWWS based on ProBonoNet. The New England model is based on Drupal, built as an add-on feature to their existing statewide Drupal websites. Both systems were built with replicability in mind.

Presenters: Thomas Garrett, Executive Director, Legal Services Law Line of Vt., Inc.; Pat Muller, Information Technology Manager, South Carolina Legal Services; Brian Dyer Stewart, Programmer/Web Design, BDSWorks; Thomas A. Trent, Managing Attorney, South Carolina Legal Services

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Exploring Technology Options to Better Service Self-Represented Litigants

This workshop highlighted several technology initiatives designed to improve the Self-Represented Litigant experience. Attendees learned about ways California courts are implementing a Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution to improve remote and in-person services for Self-Represented Litigants. The panel also shared how the CRM integration is being used to improve remote services for traffic court. Attendees were also challenged to consider collaborative technology programs through the example of California courts in 7 counties that collaborated in the development of the Small Claims On-line Triage tool,  which allowed users to evaluate options and receive a customized printout based upon the answers provided.  Lastly, the panel shared the outcomes of a project that created online forms to create Plain Language Bilingual Orders for sexual assault, DV, and stalking victims resulting in positive outcomes and reduced contempt proceedings.

Presenters: Claudia Colindres Johnson, Program Manager, LawHelp Interactive; Maria Livingston, Self-Help Services Manager, Superior Court of California, County of Orange; Snorri Ogata, Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles Superior Court; Salvador Reynoso, Attorney, Orange County Superior Court

Business Process Analysis - Why Can't I Just Do What You Did?

People are abuzz about business process analysis - is it worthy of the hype? Learn how three Illinois programs have used BPA to improve their services and products, each in different ways. LAF (formerly the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago) is streamlining the case management processes of their practice groups. Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation is identifying services delivery gaps and potential solutions. Illinois Legal Aid Online is improving the way website content is managed. Speakers discussed the epiphanies, challenges, and successes experienced at their organizations in using BPA.

Presenters: Vivian Hessel, Director, Technology for Advocates, LAF; Teri Ross, Program Director, Illinois Legal Aid Online; Linda Zazove, Deputy Director, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation

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Engaging Pro Bono Attorneys in Virtual Law Practice

This session included a report on the results of the New Mexico Legal Aid Project to engage pro bono lawyers in virtual law practice through a virtual law firm platform. It also included a presentation on how a virtual law firm platform can increase efficiency and productivity in a pro bono program by enabling 24x7 communications, reducing the friction between lawyer and client, and creating a framework for collaboration between Legal Aid Manager, Pro Bono Attorney, Law Students, and Clients. Use of embedded document automation solutions and how a virtual platform can support the delivery of "unbundled" legal services, off-line and on-line, were also discussed.

Presenters: Richard S. Granat, President, DirectLaw, Inc.; Ed Marks, Executive Director, New Mexico Legal Aid

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Community and Client Outreach for Technology Tools to Promote Legal Access: Videos, Text Campaigns, Social Media and More

This workshop explored successful and innovative approaches to marketing and conducting outreach about legal technology tools available to serve low-income communities. Panelists discussed the use of video and mobile technologies (such as SMS texting and social media) to get the word out about available legal services and the lessons learned about creating and maintaining these types of marketing materials and strategies.

Presenters: Kate Geruntho Frank, Web Content Manager, New Haven Legal Assistance; Leah Margulies, Project Director, LawHelpNY; Teri Ross, Program Director, Illinois Legal Aid Online

Tech Planning Smack Down! Tactical vs. Strategic vs. Missional

Forget everything you know about strategic technology planning. This session will open your eyes and mind to a new way of thinking about your technology planning. Steve Heye used real examples to walk attendees through the steps of creating the right technology plan for their organizations. He explored three different flavors of technology plans: Tactical, Strategic and Missional. Key takeaways included: 1) Understanding the three flavors of technology plans 2) Clear and achievable steps to implement with available resources; 3) Creative ways to involve your full organization and build innovation into your technology plans; 4) Methods to redirect the focus of your technology plans where it is needed most.

Presenter: Steven Heye, Manager of Technology, The Cara Program

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RAPID FIRE TECH: Show and Tell of Technology Projects and Ideas

If you had six minutes to share an idea, best practice, or show off a TIG project, what would you talk about? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 20 seconds? Around the world geeks have been putting together events like this to share their ideas. This plenary featured a series of short presentations highlighting innovative technology projects and ideas.

Presenters: Kathleen Caldwell, Websites Coordinator, Pine Tree Legal Assistance; Sue Encherman, Director of Administration, Northwest Justice Project; Joshua Goodwin, Senior Staff Attorney, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services; Dan Jackson, Executive Director, NuLawLab - Northeastern University School of Law; Wilhelmina Randtke, Electronic Services Librarian, St. Mary's University School of Law; Brian Rowe, NTAP Project Coordinator, Northwest Justice Project; Matthew Stubenberg, Sr. Applications Specialist, Maryland Legal Aid; Angela Tripp, Project Manager, Michigan Legal Help Program