Open Comment Periods
2023 Technology Baselines Revisions—Comments Due April 21

LSC seeks comment on draft revisions to its Technology Baselines: Technologies that Should Be in Place in a Legal Office Today (Baselines).

LSC hosted a webinar regarding these draft revisions on March 29, 2023.  It provided attendees a brief review of the purpose and history of the Baselines, a summary of significant updates, and information on submitting comments to improve the revised Baselines document prior to its official release.

Please view the recording of the webinar via this Zoom link:

COMMENTS ARE DUE April 21, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. LSC will not consider comments submitted after the deadline.

Comments must be submitted as follows:

  • Acrobat PDF format.
  • Emailed as an attachment to a transmittal message sent to:
  • Emailed with the subject line: Comments on Technology Baselines.

Questions about the draft revisions to the Baselines should be sent to with the subject line: Questions about Technology Baselines Comments. 

LSC first adopted the Baselines in 2008 and revised them in 2015. The Baselines address the use of technology in providing high-quality legal services to clients. They set out the technology capacities that LSC grantees should have in place or have available to them through a vendor or a partner. They also serve as a resource for LSC during reviews of grantees’ program quality.  They are not minimum requirements.

The draft revisions reflect the significant changes in the way legal services are delivered because of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the growth in cybersecurity threats since 2015.  They include consideration of remote/hybrid work environments, cloud computing and policies, new security baselines for networks and data, document management strategies, social media policy, and the use of web and video conferencing systems. A summary of significant updates by section can be found in the draft document.

Recently Closed Comment Periods
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On December 15, 2021, LSC published a notice in the Federal Register seeking comment on specific revised sections of the Financial Guide. LSC previously conducted a complete overhaul of the Guide and sought comments on the overall document. In response to comments received on that draft, LSC revised certain sections of the Guide and now seeks comment on those limited changes. The comment period closed on January 31, 2022.

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