TIG Reporting

Information on reporting for TIG projects

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TIG Reporting - Pre-2021 Awards

Recipients of grants awarded before 2021 ("legacy TIGs") will follow a different reporting process than TIGs awarded in 2021 or later cycles. That reporting process is outlined below, along with procedures for requesting grant modifications and deadline extensions.


TIG Awards: 2021 and On

TIGs awarded in 2021 or later cycles will follow a new set of processes for submitting progress reports and payment requests through GrantEase. Recipients will also request modifications through the system. There is a guide, template, and videos to help grantees prepare their reports. Go to the TIG reporting folder to access these resources.

Milestone Reporting
Milestone Reporting and Payment Requests

Grants awarded through the TIG program require recipients to report and request payments as they complete work on their projects. Generally, milestone payment periods are every six months, with reporting due 30 days after the end of the period. For example, if the payment period ends on June 30, the report is due no later than July 30.

Recipients of TIG legacy grants should review the following resources for an overview of the reporting process. The TIG team recommends starting with the reporting video for step-by-step instructions on the process. Please note that this is a two-step process: TIG recipients must submit both a progress report and payment request in GrantEase for LSC to pay the recipient for their work.

Pre-2021 TIG Milestone Extensions

If a Pre-2021 TIG award recipient ("legacy TIG") cannot timely complete all of the milestones for a payment period, grantees must submit a request for an extension of the milestone reporting due date to allow for the completion of the milestones. Grantees may request extensions of their payment request deadlines and overall grant terms; however, LSC retains sole discretion over whether to approve these extensions. All extension requests should be made in writing using the TIG Milestone Reporting Extension Form. It may not be made by anyone other than the grantee.

Milestone Modifications

A request by the grantee to move, modify, or eliminate a milestone must be made in writing via email to either techgrants@lsc.gov or to the TIG grant administrator. It may not be made by anyone other than the grantee. Milestone modification requests should be made prior to the end of the payment period in which the milestone is to be completed.

In the email, the grantee should state what progress it has made toward achieving the milestones for the period and why it needs a milestone to be moved, modified, or eliminated. The main consideration is granting milestone modifications is the reasonableness of the request.

In addition to moving or changing the milestone, it may be necessary to modify the budget and payment amounts to reflect the new scope of work for the amended milestone(s). For example, if the grantee was to buy a large amount of equipment for the period and this purchase has to be delayed until a subsequent period, this change is reflected in the amount of the payment. The Grants Administrator discusses this with the grantee so any such changes are clear. If needed, a new budget is submitted by the grantee for review and approval.

TIG Final Reports

The TIG final report analyzes a project's effectiveness and impact. It should clearly articulate and provide necessary documentation about the following:

  • Project goals and objectives

  • Progress toward achieving the goals and objectives

  • Factors affecting project accomplishments and strategies employed to address major challenges

  • Major lessons and recommendations

The TIG Final Project Report Template provides the necessary forms and guidelines for the preparation and submission of required final reports for TIG grants. The approved TIG Evaluation Plan should provide a helpful analytical framework and identify essential data sets for the final report.

Technology Improvement Projects have a similar, but shorter TIP Final Report Template.

Submission of a final report approved by LSC and the final grant budget represent the final project milestones.


Budget Modifications

TIG recipients must obtain prior written approval for changes to the TIG funding portion of the project budget (Column A on the LSC Grants budget) when either (1) cumulative changes exceed the greater of 10 percent of the total grant amount of $10,000 or (2) an individual line item adjustment exceeds 20 percent of the affected budget line item and represents a change of at least $5,000. Cumulative changes of less than $5,000 do not require approval.

Any request by the grantee to modify the budget must be in writing via email to either techgrants@lsc.gov or to the Grant Administrator. The current Grant Administrators are Glenn Rawdon, Jane Ribadeneyra, and David Bonebrake. The request may not be made by anyone other than the grantee. In the email, the grantee will need to state 1) what changes are needed, and 2) the reason(s) for the change. The Grant Administrator will notify the grantee of the approval or disapproval, and if approved, a modified budget will be created and saved in LSC Grants. Please note that although LSC requires that recipients obtain prior approval of budget changes when feasible, TIG recipients should also still seek approval of modifications if they realize it is necessary after the expanse has been incurred.