PBIF Program Description

The Pro Bono Innovation Fund (PBIF) provides grants to civil legal aid projects that support new, robust pro bono partnerships through collaboration, innovation, and replication of effective practices.

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FY2023 Grants Start

Grants awarded for FY23 officially started on October 1, 2023. You can view the press release and description of these grants here.

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FY2024 Pre-Application Technical Assistance

The PBIF team will offer technical assistance opportunities in December 2023 and January 2024 to those interested in submitting a Pre-Application for the FY24 funding cycle. Please contact probonoinnovation@lsc.gov to schedule.

FY2024 Full Application Technical Assistance

The PBIF team will offer technical assistance opportunities in  April 2024 to those  invited to submit a Full Application for the FY2024 funding cycle. Please contact probonoinnovation@lsc.gov to schedule. 

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The Pro Bono Innovation Fund (PBIF) offers grants to collaboratively engage more lawyers and other professionals in pro bono service and address gaps in legal services and persistent challenges in the pro bono delivery system. Since 2014, PBIF has invested more than $40,000,000 in 139 projects in 36 states, the District of Columbia,and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The PBIF program offers four categories of grants: Project, Sustainability, Transformation, and Planning.

FY2024 Notice of Funds Available


PBIF only accepts  PBIF grant applications-Project, Sustainability, Transformation, and Planning- from legal aid organizations already receiving an LSC Basic Field Grant. PBIF Sustainability grants are only open to former PBIF Project grantees who were awarded a grant within two years  before the current funding cycle.

If you are an LSC-funded organization interested in applying, we encourage you to consider developing project models that offer impactful and replicable solutions to persistent challenges in your current pro bono delivery system.

How To Apply

The PBIF Funding Cycle is a two-phase process. Applicants must first submit a Pre-Application and then, upon invitation, must submit a Full Application. Generally, Applicants submit a Pre-Application in mid-January, are notified of invitations to submit a Full Application by early- to mid-March, and, if invited, submit a Full Application by May. LSC's President makes the final decision on PBIF grant awards.

Please visit the PBIF "How to Applypage for detailed information on the current funding cycle, selection criteria, and reporting requirements.

Trainings, Webinars, and Guidance
Learning Management Systems

Updates forthcoming.

Pro Bono Basics: Transformation Groundwork

PBIF hosted a Pro Bono Lab that focused on Transformation Grants. PBIF Transformation Grants encourage grantees to undertake ambitious efforts to address the challenges within their pro bono program. One of the common first steps within any pro bono transformation effort is the assessment process. A group of panelists from Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Georgia Legal Services Program, and Prairie State Legal Services discussed the groundwork challenges they encountered and how they were addressed. A Resource Sheet has been compiled for attendees. 

Pro Bono Basics: Pro Bono Marketing

PBIF hosted a Pro Bono Lab that focused on pro bono marketing. PBIF projects have impacted the lives of clients, pro bono attorneys, and legal aid staff. Sharing the impact of a project and the stories of clients can be a pain point for some organizations. A group of panelists from Legal Services, NYC, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, and Community Legal Aid (MA) discussed how they've used marketing strategies to share their project's impact.

Grant Terms and Conditions

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Grantee Guidance

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