LSC Task Forces

Disaster Task Force

LSC’s Disaster Task Force worked to promote better cooperation, coordination and communication to ensure that low-income disaster survivors receive the legal assistance they need.

Opioid Task Force

LSC’s Opioid Task Force created recommendations on how legal aid providers can collaborate with the medical, judicial, law enforcement and other communities to confront the opioid crisis.

Veterans Task Force

LSC's Veterans Task Force works to increase access to justice for veterans and explore how legal aid can remove barriers to their well-being and financial stability.

Housing Task Force

The Housing Task Force will highlight the findings of LSC’s Eviction Study and raise awareness about the devastating impact of illegal evictions and foreclosures, housing instability related to manufactured homes and long-term motel rentals, and housing issues compounded or caused by other vulnerabilities.

Rural Justice Task Force

The Task Force will raise awareness about the civil legal needs of rural residents and the challenges associated with providing high-quality legal services in rural areas; profile model programs and approaches to providing effective legal services and information to Americans living in rural or remote communities; and recommend strategies for engaging private attorneys to serve rural clients.