How to Apply for a Basic Field Grant

Each year, we accept Basic Field grant applications for specified service areas subject to competition. All components of the grant application must be submitted through GrantEase.

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Application Overview

Applications for the 2025 Basic Field Grant and Subgrant has now reopened in GrantEase, LSC’s Grants management system. The pre-application deadline is May 8, 2024. The deadline to submit a 2025 Basic Field Grant and Subgrant application is June 3, 2024. Every year, there are two types of Basic Field grant applicants: competitive and renewal. Competitive applicants refer to any applicant that is applying for one or more of the service areas in competition for the upcoming grant year. All competitive applicants are required to file a pre-application (formerly known as the Notice of Intent to Compete) and submit a grant application in response to LSC's Request for Proposals (RFP). Renewal applicants refer to those who are renewing an existing Basic Field grant with LSC. Renewal applicants are not required to submit a pre-application and can jump straight into the renewal application in GrantEase.

Basic Field Grant Applications

  • All Applications Will Require...
  • Evaluating Basic Field Grant Applications
  • Applying to Multiple Service Areas
  • Basic Field Grant and Subgrant Application Webinar
  • 2025 Request for Proposal and Other Helpful Application Tools
  • Application Timeline
  1. That all components of the applicant's grantee profile in GrantEase is accurate and up to date
  2. Certification of agreement with the Basic Field Grant Terms and Conditions
  3. Successful submission of the Pre-Application (for COMPETITIVE APPLICANTS ONLY)
  4. Completion of all application forms as required in GrantEase
  5. Submission of all supporting documents in the GrantEase grantee profile's "Attachments" tab and wherever instructed throughout the application
  6. Successful submission of a subgrant application, if applicable.

Your application will be evaluated on the following resources and standards:


LSC Regulations

LSC Performance Criteria

ABA Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid

If your organization is applying to more than one service area, your organization's application should address the unique aspects of each service area. For example, delivery of services for a Basic Field - General grant may differ from service delivery for a Basic Field - Native American or Basic Field - Agricultural Worker grant, because of the different needs and priorities of the different communities.

Thank you for attending the 2025 Basic Field Grant and Subgrant webinar. During the presentation we introduced applicants to the Basic Field Grant and Subgrant application. The presenters reviewed the pre-application, Supporting Documents Checklist, and more. We encourage you to explore the links below to access helpful information. 


The 2025 Basic Field Grant Request for Proposal (RFP) and other helpful resources on the Basic Field Grant and Subgrant application process are linked below:

All applicants will follow the same application schedule this year.

Steps to Submit Competitive (Award) Application
Standard Award Application Overview

Applicants interested in applying for one or more of the specified service areas that are in competition for the calendar year 2025 Basic Field Grant cycle are encouraged to follow the instructions outlined in this section. 

These instructions apply to applicants that:

  • Are current recipients (jump to Step 2)
  • Are not current LSC recipients and meet one of the following eligibility requirements:
    • Nonprofit organization that has, as a purpose, the provision of legal help to eligible clients
    • Private attorney or group of attorneys or law firms (either as a non-incorporated body or as a nonprofit)
    • State or local government
    • Sub-state regional planning or coordination agency that is composed of sub-state areas whose governing bodies are controlled by locally elected officials
Step 1: Register in GrantEase

GrantEase is LSC’s grants management system. New applicants must go to GrantEase and register a new account in the system.

As part of the registration process, someone from LSC will reach out to the new potential applicant. Please reach out to with questions about the Basic Field grant funding opportunity and to with any system-related questions.

Step 2: Submit a Pre-Application (formerly known as the Notice of Intent to Compete)

The pre-application is available in GrantEase. Programs with service areas subject to competition for the FY25 Basic Field Grant cycle, as well as any new applicants, are required to submit a pre-application.

The pre-application requires:

  • Identification of the service area(s) being applied for.
  • The names and resumes of the organization's principal and key staff, including the executive director, financial officer, and other managerial and leadership positions.
  • The names and resumes of the applicant's current or proposed governing or policy board members and their appointing organizations. For board members who do not have a full resume, applicants may provide a brief description (1-3 sentences) describing how the member became involved with the organization and the board. Please be sure to upload a separate file for each board member.
  • Acknowledgment of agreement with the 2025 Grant Terms and Conditions.

The Pre-Application is due May 8, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

Step 3: Prepare Documents for Upload

All applicants are required to provide all documents found in the Supporting Documents Checklist. To upload a new document or to update an existing document, please go to the Supporting Documents Checklist section of your Grantee Profile in GrantEase. You will find the Supporting Documents Checklist under the Attachments Tab of your Grantee Profile.

Step 4: Complete the Basic Field Grant Application

The Basic Field grant application is available in GrantEase and has a submission deadline of June 3, 2024, at 11:59pm EST.

Steps to Submit Renewal Application
Grant Renewal Application Overview

The Grant Renewal application is for applicants that are current recipients and have a multi-year grant award. Renewal applicants will not submit a pre-application.

Step 1: Update Supporting Documents

Renewal applicants are required to replace any documents from the Supporting Documents Checklist that have been updated since the last application cycle.

Step 2: Certify Compliance with Grant Terms and Conditions

In order to receive a Basic Field Grant, the applicant must acknowledge they have reviewed and agree to the 2025 Grant Terms and Conditions.

Visit Grantee Guidance for more detailed information about reporting and compliance requirements as well as applicable law.

Step 3: Complete the Grant Renewal Application

The 2025 Basic Field grant renewal application was released on April 15, 2024, with a submission deadline of June 3, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Standard Subgrant Application

Reminder:  LSC grantees may subgrant up to $20,000 in LSC funds without submitting an application for prior approval. 45 CFR 1627.4(a)(1). All subgrants of LSC funds, however, are subject to LSC’s regulations, guidelines, and instructions.

Only current or prospective recipients of LSC Basic Field grants may apply for subgrant approval and are encouraged to follow the instructions outlined here.  

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