Research & Data

Access data on civil legal needs and services, learn about LSC’s research initiatives, and explore data tools.

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LSC engages in research and data collection projects that aim to understand the state of civil legal needs and services in the U.S. and to build the planning, outreach, and service delivery capacity of its grantees. The Office of Data Governance and Analysis (ODGA) leads in collecting, managing, analyzing, reporting, and visualizing the data.

Demographic and Economic Data

Download data on poverty and LSC eligibility rates and characteristics of the poverty population.

Census Data for Grantees interactive tool

Finding data that can help with identifying legal needs and planning outreach services is not always easy. This tool gives LSC grantees the ability to view, download, and map selected Census data for counties, congressional districts, and other geographic areas relevant to their service area.

Custom Census tables for LSC service areas

LSC receives custom estimates of LSC eligibility and a variety of economic and demographic data for LSC Basic Field General service areas from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS). These custom tables are not available on the Census Bureau's website but are available for download here.