Status of FOIA Requests and Responses 2020

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The report or documentation of any audit, investigation, or other review involving allegations of sleeping while on duty or in a workplace and documentation of any notification to the Office of Inspector General, such as a hotline complaint, of misconduct or substandard performance involving sleeping while on duty or in a workplace




12-04-19 No records available at this time Closed



LSC grantee information

12-31-19 Closed



Any and all online donations made from November 10-November 29, 2019 which make reference to or uses the actual words "reddit" , "legaladvice" , "1 Million Subscribers" and "parsnippity" ; any and all written online/email messages to and from any employee of the Legal Services Corporation which were sent and received from any person whosoever where the email messages to and from the Legal Services Corporation makes  reference to the same quoted text above

01-14-20   Preparation of response in progress