Regulations Publication History

The following documents are the Federal Register notices announcing the current and previous versions of the LSC regulations. The supplemental information found in these notices may be useful in understanding the regulations. They are provided for research purposes. Please make sure that you are using the current version of the regulation if you want to know the rules that apply today.

Part Title
1600 Definitions
1601 [Reserved]
1602 Procedures for disclosure of information under the Freedom of Information Act
1603 Requests for Documents and Testimony (formerly State Advisory Councils)
1604 Outside practice of law
1605 Appeals on behalf of clients
1606 Termination, Limited Reduction of Funding, and Debarment Procedures; Recompetition
1607 Governing bodies
1608 Prohibited political activities
1609 Fee-generating cases
1610 Use of non-LSC funds, transfers of LSC funds, program integrity
1611 Financial Eligibility
1611 Appendix A to Part 1611: Income Level for Individuals Eligible for Assistance
1612 Restrictions on lobbying and certain other activities
1613 Restrictions on legal assistance with respect to criminal proceedings
1614 Private attorney involvement
1615 Restrictions on actions collaterally attacking criminal convictions
1616 Attorney Hiring
1617 Class Actions
1618 Enforcement procedures
1619 Disclosure of information
1620 Priorities in use of resources
1621 Client grievance procedure
1622 Public access to meetings under the Government in the Sunshine Act
1623 Suspension Procedures
1624 Prohibition against discrimination on the basis of handicap
1625 [Reserved]
1626 Restrictions on legal assistance to aliens
1627 Subgrants
1628 Recipient fund balances
1629 Bonding of recipients
1630 Cost standards and procedures
1631 Purchasing and property management
1632 Redistricting
1633 Restriction on representation in certain eviction proceedings
1634 Competitive bidding for grants and contracts
1635 Timekeeping requirement
1636 Client identity and statement of facts
1637 Representation of Prisoners
1638 Restriction on solicitation
1639 Welfare Reform
1640 Application of Federal Law to LSC recipients
1641 Debarment, Suspension, and Removal of Auditors
1642 [Reserved] [Formerly—Attorneys' fees]
1643 Restrictions on Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, and Mercy Killing
1644 Disclosure of case information