Estimated Census Adjustment on LSC Grantees' 2014 Funding

Public Law 112-55 requires LSC to reallocate LSC basic field funding among service areas in FY2013 and FY2014 based on the Census Bureau’s most recent estimates of the geographic distribution of the U.S. poverty population.  The reallocations based on the updated poverty data were partially implemented in 2013.  2014 grant payments will be based on the full Census adjustment.

LSC is providing information that shows the estimated impact of the full Census adjustment on grantees’ 2014 LSC funding assuming that LSC’s FY2014 basic field appropriation is the same as it was in FY2013..  The table below provides the following information for each grantee:

  • The actual FY2013 funding level.  The FY2013 level reflected the 25% Census adjustment, the 5% sequester, and the 1.877% rescissions. 
  • The estimated FY2014 funding level.  This estimate reflects the full Census adjustment and assumes that the FY2014 LSC appropriation for basic field funding remains the same as for FY2013. LSC cannot accurately predict what the actual 2014 LSC appropriation for basic field funding will be.