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Flood insurance is required for some homeowners. For properties in high-risk areas, all federal or federally insured lenders require that the homeowner purchase flood insurance pursuant to federal law. FEMA delineates at-risk areas, or special hazard areas, on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Effective flood hazard areas, including areas that are mapped and not under study, are provided through the National Flood Hazard Layer. The map below can be used to look up whether an address resides in a flood zone. However, definitive information on whether your property is in a flood hazard area can be found by searching for and downloading the FIRM map for your community through FEMA’s Map Service Center. The map below should not be used as definitive information for flood insurance rating.

More information on flood insurance can be found on FEMA’s FloodSmart website and FEMA’s homeowners FAQs. In addition, LSC has developed Heartland Flood Help, a special website focused on flood preparation and response for a five-state region of the Midwest. This site provides more detailed information on flood risk, insurance options, and preparation tips for residents of Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. It was developed with special funding from a foundation serving Midwest states.

Finally, additional disaster legal resources are available through LSC's Disaster Task Force.

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