How to Apply for a Subgrant

If you are a current or prospective LSC grantee looking for general guidance on subgrants click here.

Reminder:  LSC grantees may subgrant up to $20,000 in LSC funds without submitting an application for prior approval. 45 CFR 1627.4(a)(1). All subgrants of LSC funds, however, are subject to LSC’s regulations, guidelines, and instructions.

If you are looking for application guidance to Subgrant 2020 Basic Field Funds, or Special Grant Funds, including Technology Initiative Grant (TIG), Pro Bono Innovation Fund (PBIF), and Disaster Relief Grants Funds, please email to request guidance. 

Applications to Subgrant 2021 Basic Field Grant Funds

Applications to subgrant 2021 Basic Field Grant Funds must be submitted through GrantEase at  Only current or prospective recipients of LSC Basic Field Grants may apply for subgrant approval. All applicants must provide answers to the application questions in GrantEase and upload the following documents:

Applicants seeking to subgrant to a new subrecipient that is not a current LSC Grantee, or to renew a subgrant with an organization that is not a current LSC Grantee in a year in which the applicant is required to submit a full funding application, must also upload:

  • The subrecipient’s accounting manual;
  • The subrecipient’s most recent audited financial statements; 
  • The subrecipient’s current cost allocation policy (if not in the accounting manual); and
  • The subrecipient’s 45 CFR § 1635.3(c) recordkeeping policy (if not in the accounting manual).

A list of subgrant application questions, the Subgrant Agreement Template, and the Subgrant Budget Template can be found at the following links:

LSC encourages applicants to use LSC’s Subgrant Agreement Template as a model subgrant agreement. If the applicant does not use LSC’s Template, the proposed agreement must include, at a minimum, the substance of the provisions of the Template.

Once submitted, LSC will evaluate the application and provide applicants with instructions on any needed modifications to the submitted documents or Draft Agreement provided with the application. The applicant must then upload a final and signed subgrant agreement through GrantEase by the date requested.

As required by 45 CFR § 1627.4(b)(1)(ii), LSC will inform applicants of its decision to disapprove or approve the subgrant no later than the date LSC informs applicants of LSC’s 2021 Basic Field Grant funding decisions. 


Applications for approval to make subgrants of calendar year 2021 Basic Field Grant funds will be available the week of July 20, 2020. Applications must be submitted through GrantEase by 5:00 p.m. E.D.T. on August 20, 2020.

For questions regarding this process, please email  For technical and website issues, email For questions or assistance with GrantEase, email