Basic Field Allocation Results

LSC Basic Field Allocation Results
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Basic Field Grants are awarded to Native American, Agricultural Worker, and Basic Field General service areas according to a congressionally-mandated formula. Visit the Basic Field Allocation Process page to read about the steps involved and to download relevant resources. Visit the Allocation Raw Files page to access the statistical software code and unformatted data files that LSC uses to calculate the allocations.

The table below provides four years of data for each service area: allocation, poverty population, and share of the U.S. poverty population as used in the allocation formula. The table also displays the change in each of these from the prior year and an explanation of the change in allocation. For allocations from prior years, please contact

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The explanation associated with each letter in the Funding Change Code column is available below the table. "--" indicates data that are not available or not applicable.

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* Poverty estimates are not used in allocations to Native American service areas and are not displayed here. Agricultural Worker poverty estimates for all four years are based on the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS). Otherwise, poverty estimates are from 2014 ACS 1-year estimates for FY2018 and from 2017 ACS 1-year estimates for FY2019 through FY2021. Poverty estimates for territories besides Puerto Rico are from the Decennial Census and other administrative data. Note that the poverty estimates shown here are after any adjustments made in step 6a of the process.

Allocation Change Explanations

Read a brief explanation of how changes to appropriatons and poverty populations resulted in a specific service area's increase or decrease in funding. Click on the letter provided in the "Allocation Change Explanation" column on the table. The letters shown below are only those relevant to the last few years of data (click here for all possible scenarios).