Basic Field Grant Key Dates

Grant Applications

The grants process for grant award and grant renewal applicants will follow the same schedule this year. Review the Key Dates and Activities for Calendar Year 2021 Basic Field Grant Cycle.

Because the 2021 grant cycle is the launch year for GrantEase, ALL applicants will be required to complete a full application regardless of whether the service area(s) is in award or renewal status. Although not all applicants will need to fill out a pre-application (formerly known as the “Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC)”), ALL applicants will be required to register in the GrantEase system and  complete a Grantee Profile before an applicant can complete the full application. LSC will provide training with materials throughout the process and all trainings will be online and available on demand.

As a result of these improvements, this year’s basic field grant application process for FY21 grant awards will run on a compressed schedule.  Pease note the significant changes to the basic field grant process:

  • A new and more streamlined basic field grant application;
  • The elimination of Post-Program Quality Visit (Post-PQV) applications;
  • The elimination of multiple application schedules (no more schedules A, B and C. All applicants will follow one timeline);
  • The elimination of a separate Fiscal Grantee Funding Application (FGFA) (the FGFA and basic field application have been combined into one application); and
  • The implementation of a brand-new Grants Management System: GrantEase;
  • The Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC) will now be referred to as “pre-application.”

2020 Schedule:





List of service areas for 2021 basic field grant awards published at and in the Federal Register.

On or around April 1, 2020



Applicant Training (materials will be shared ahead of the training):GrantEase User Interface, GrantEase Registration, and Grantee Profile Uploads.

On or around May 4, 2020


Pre-application* released at and open for submission in GrantEase.

*only for service areas in competition. Renewal applicants will not submit a pre-application.

On or around May 13, 2020


Applicant Training: Pre-application, Grantee Profile and Uploads.

On or around May 13, 2020


Basic Field Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) online application posted at

On or around June 1, 2020


Deadline for submitting pre-application in GrantEase.

On or around June 15, 2020


Applicant Training: Full Basic Field Application

Around July 1, 2020


Basic Field Grant Request for Proposals released in GrantEase.

Subgrant Application released in GrantEase.

July 20, 2020


Deadline for submitting Basic Field Grant Application.

Deadline for submitting Subgrant Application.

August 20, 2020


Notice of Intent to Award published in the Federal Register.

October 2020


2021 Basic field grant award decisions published at

December 2020


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