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Welcome to GrantEase, LSC's new grants management system. Once fully released, grantees will have a comprehensive grants management portal to utilize when accessing and managing all LSC grant programs.  To make this experience easier, LSC’s Training and Technical Assistance team have prepared a series of short, succinct learning Micro Modules to help you navigate this new system. Please scroll down through each of these Micro Modules to learn more about the system, its requirements, and functionality. As you watch the videos please be sure to read along with the GrantEase Preliminary User Guide.

To log into GrantEase please go to 

GrantEase Webinar PowerPoint Presentation This is a presentation of the May 13, 2020, GrantEase Webinar May 13, 2020, GrantEase Webinar Slides
GrantEase Webinar Recording This is a recording of the May 13, 2020, GrantEase Webinar May 13, 2020, GrantEase Webinar Recording

GrantEase FAQ’s from May 13th Webinar

  • 1. What do programs that are in renewal status need to do? How do we complete the renewal?
    Renewal applicants will receive a separate notification to complete their application.

    2. We are in renewal status this year. Do we have to file a Pre-Application?
    If your service area(s) is in renewal status this year for the FY21 basic field grant, you do not have to submit a Pre-Application.

    3. We are in a renewal non-competitive grant year, but this page is still telling me that I have to file a Pre-Application. Is this a mistake, or am I misunderstanding something?
    If you are in renewal status for Calendar Year 2021, you do not have to file a Pre-Application. Renewal applicants will receive a separate notification to complete the launch year application. The Pre-Application is showing because there are service areas that are in competition and technically, you are welcome to compete for those service areas.

    4. When do we start using this? The Pre-Application?
    The Pre-Application opened on May 13, 2020. All Pre-Applications must be submitted through GrantEase by Monday, June 15, 2020, 11:59pm EST.

    5. When is the Pre-Application due?
    The Pre-Application is due on Monday, June 15, 2020, 11:59pm EST.

    6. Do all applicants need to submit a Pre-Application?
    No. Programs with service areas in competition for a Calendar Year 2021basic field grant and any new applicants are required to submit a Pre-Application. Renewal applicants do not have to submit a Pre-Application or take any action at this time.

    7. So, if we are in renewal status, we do not have to do the Pre-Application, we just wait for the regular application to be ready to complete later?
    Correct. Renewal applicants will receive separate invitations to submit an application on or around July 20, 2020.

    8. We have 4 existing service areas. So, we only submit 1 Pre-Application and it covers all 4 service areas?
    Correct. Only one Pre-Application is required for all pre-existing service areas. Please make sure to select all 4 pre-existing service areas on the Additional Info tab of the Pre-Application.

    9. Do we need resumes for all Board members-or only the Board officers?
    Please submit resumes for all board members, not just the board officers.

    10. On the resumes, do we get a reminder to update resumes annually?
    Grantees will only be required to upload resumes at the time of submitting a Pre-Application. If you are in award status this year and receive a 3-year grant, you will not have to submit resumes again until your next year in full competition. LSC plans to send regular reminders to GrantEase users throughout the year about updating documents.

    11. Are the resumes only for re-Applications or are they for both Renewals and Pre-Applications?
    Applicants are only required to submit resumes as part of the Pre-Application process, a required step for service areas in competition. Applicants in renewal status will not be required to submit resumes.

    12. Many of our client board members will not have resumes. It may be difficult to work with the client members to create resumes in the midst of the pandemic. If there is difficulty in doing this by the June deadline, can there be allowances for additional time to assist these client members in creating resumes.
    Please reach out to if you are experiencing extreme challenges in creating client board member resumes.

    13. Many of our client board members do not have resumes. What should we do?
    Please use this template to create resumes or abbreviated versions for client board members.

    14. Are board resumes a requirement?
    Yes, LSC Regulation 45 CFR § 1634.6 states that names and resumes of current and proposed governing board members are required.

    15. Will renewal applicants have to eventually upload resumes for key staff and board members PRIOR to submission of the renewal application?
    No, renewal applicants will not be required to submit resumes as part of the application process this year. Only applicants in full competition will be required to submit resumes in the Pre-Application.

    16.The only opportunity is basic field. Will Migrant/Farmworker show up at a later date?
    Yes. The Basic Field Grant opportunity includes all basic field service areas: Basic Field-General, Basic Field-Native American, and Basic Field-Agricultural Worker.

    17.So even if the program has a successful OCE visit, the full basic app will need to be completed?
    Grantees are required to submit a renewal or competitive application every year regardless of any LSC assessment visits.

    18. When is the application due and when will it be available?
    The Basic Field Grant application is due on August 20, 2020. The application will be opened in GrantEase on or around July 20, 2020. Please see our basic field grants timeline here.
    A Word document version of the Basic Field Grant application will be posted on LSC’s website on June 1, 2020. Applicants are encouraged to become familiar with the application as soon as possible. Applicants may begin drafting responses in the Word document as early as June 1 in preparation for the official release in GrantEase on July 20, 2020.

    19. Is it true that if you are in renewal status, that a new application has to be submitted?
    As part of the transition into a new grants management system, GrantEase, renewal and competitive applicants will submit the same application for the Calendar Year Basic Field grant cycle.

    20. Will the substance of both a renewal or competitive application be different this year?
    No, renewal and competitive applicants will submit the same application for the Calendar Year 2021Basic Field Grant cycle during this grants management system launch year (2020).

    21. Who will receive notices re: updates, info on GrantEase and LSC funding opportunities?
    LSC will use a combination of emails, the LSC website, and GrantEase to provide updates, information, and notices of funding opportunities.

    22. What is definition of KEY staff?
    Key staff can include, but is not limited to, leadership, management, administrative positions, and any other staff that interact with LSC on a regular basis regarding any LSC opportunities.

    23. For current grantees with multiple service areas who are in competition this year, e.g., Basic Field-General, Basic Field-Agricultural Worker and Basic Field-Native American, does the grantee need to file a Pre-Application for each of those service areas?
    Please refer to the answer to question 8.

    24. Will all grantees get a Pre-Application in their opportunities list this year regardless of grant cycle?
    Yes, all GrantEase users will see all LSC funding opportunities, including the Basic Field Grant Pre-Application, as they become available regardless of grant year. GrantEase is designed to be LSC’s one-stop shop portal for all LSC funding opportunities.

    25. When should we start checking for the grant documents/non-Pre-Application or, will there be an email sent out?
    Please see LSC’s key dates page for important dates and activities.

    26. PBIF grants are due 6/15. Do we submit it through this system?
    No. The PBIF module in GrantEase is not yet in development. PBIF grant applications will be submitted via email to Please see the Pro Bono Innovation Fund Application Instructions for 2020 Grant Funding for more information.

    27. Have you released the grant application timelines?
    Yes, please see the answer to question 18.

    28. Is there a way to get a template for both the pre app and applications to work through prior to entering it in the site?
    The Pre-Application instructions are based on LSC Regulation 45 CFR 1634.6 requirements. A Word document version of the Basic Field Grant application will be made available on June 1, 2020 on the Basic Field Grant page


    29. Where on the website are the service areas in competition?
    The list of service areas in competition is available on LSC’s Service Areas page.

  • 30. What is the difference between a Staff Contact and a System User?
    A Staff Contact is a person whose contact details (name, phone number, etc.) are listed under the Organization Staff Contacts section of the Grantee Profile. A system user is a Staff Contact who has been invited to create a GrantEase account that enables them to log in and perform various tasks in the system.

    31. How can I add additional system users for my organization in GrantEase?
    Via the Organization Staff Contacts section of the Grantee Profile, the Signing Authority has the capability of adding new users, each of whom will have their own account in the system. Please refer to this training video for details:

    32. How many system users can my organization have?
    Your organization may have a maximum of 4 users, one of whom is the Signing Authority. This limit applies regardless of how many LSC grants or grant programs you participate in.

    33. My organization would like to have more than 4 users in the system. Is this possible?
    Currently this is not possible, but it may change in the future.

    34. Can multiple users be logged in and working in the system at the same time? Can one user be logged in on multiple computers at the same time?
    The answer to both questions is “yes.” We do not, however, recommend having one user logged onto multiple devices simultaneously.

    35. Can I share my GrantEase username and password with another member of my staff?
    Please do not share your username and password with anyone.

    36. Can a GrantEase system user be deleted? How is this done?
    Yes, a system user can be deleted, but only by LSC staff. Please contact if you need to do so.

    37. Can a Staff Contact be deleted? (For example, if someone resigns or is fired)
    If the person has left your organization, please edit their contact information and change their status to “Resigned.” This will remove them from the Organization Staff Contacts list. If you need to permanently delete a Staff Contact, you will need to contact

    38. It is possible to change who is the Signing Authority?
    Yes, this can be done by LSC staff. Please contact

  • 39. Can Tasks be assigned to people who are not users in the system?
    No. Tasks can only be assigned to system users.

    40. Does the Grantee Profile page need to be updated outside of the grant application process?
    Yes, the Grantee Profile should be up to date. It is the grantee’s responsibility to update information on the Grantee Profile regularly throughout the year.

    41. Can we update our Grantee Profile now if we are in renewal status, or do we have to wait?
    Yes, you may update your Grantee Profile at any time. We encourage both renewal and competitive applicants to update their Grantee Profile now.

    42. We don't have to enter our entire staff, just the key staff, correct?
    Correct. Grantees are only required to enter key staff and any staff member that communicates with LSC regularly.

    43. Will the training user manual be updated to include Pre-Application?
    Yes. It has already been updated to include the Pre-Application section. There is also a Pre-Application Micro Module available on the GMS Training page.

    44. I notice you referred to Workspace (re uploading resumes). Are you referring to Workspace?
    This refers to the "My Workspace" section on the Home screen on GrantEase.

    45. Any feature to just update material rather than uploading the revised material all over again?
    This feature does not exist. Users will need to re-upload corrected files.

    46. Is there a preferred browser for GrantEase?
    No all platforms work please be current in the version that you are using.

  • 47. I know that we will be using GrantEase to submit our CY2021 RFP response, but will we also use it to submit our quarterly reports in connection with LSC COVID funding?
    Yes, COVID-19 Response grant reporting will take place in GrantEase. Please refer to Lynn Jennings’s email from May 18, 2020.

    48. Does updating the GrantEase system with new board president information satisfy the notification requirement?
    No, it does not. Please continue to fulfill the reporting requirement as outlined in LSC Reporting Requirements specifically: G.3 Changes in Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Board Chairperson

    49. I see there will be a Pre-Application module, but will there be corresponding written document that covers the same information? With COVID, some people who need to get this info don't have the bandwidth to view modules while working at home.
    Yes. The Release 1 User Manual has already been updated to include the Pre-Application section. There is also a Pre-Application Micro Module available on the GMS Training page.

    50. Do we have to rely on LSC to remove Board Members or can we do it?
    The Executive Director can update all information regarding your organization’s board members.

    51. Which of this data is open to the public? I would be concerned if Board member staff information is public.
    This is a closed system, so none of the information loaded here will be public.

Welcome to GrantEase

This video provides an introduction to the GrantEase training system.

The GrantEase Basic User Interface

This training video explains how to navigate the user interface (UI) of the GrantEase system.

The Tasks Tab on GrantEase

This training video explains how to use the Tasks tab in the GrantEase system.

The Activities Tab in GrantEase

This training video explains how to use the Activities tab in the GrantEase system.

Adding Additional Users

This training video explains how the Signing Authority can add up to 3 additional users in the GrantEase system.

The Attachments Tab (Grantee Profile)

This training video explains how to add attachments to your Grantee Profile in the GrantEase system.

The Pre-Application

This training video explains how to fill out the pre-application (formerly NIC) in GrantEase.

ATTENTION: Only view the proceeding module if you are a new LSC grantee.

First Time Registration

This training video explains how to register your organization for the first time in the GrantEase system. If you have registered before, you do not need to complete this process.