How to Apply

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Loan Repayment Assistance Program loans are provided for up to three years. The first time you apply, you are a new applicant. If you have received a Loan Repayment Assistance Program loan and want to continue your loan, you need to apply as a renewal applicant. You are not eligible to participate as a renewal applicant if you have already received 36 months of our loan repayment assistance loans. In order to be eligible for a Loan Repayment Assistance Program loan, you must be employed by one of our grantees.

Loan repayment assistance is contingent upon the availability and terms of funding for the fiscal year. You must submit your loan application electronically, with supporting loan documentation attached, no later than April 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. extended through Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Renewal Applications

To begin the process of submitting the Renewal Form, you will need to enter the applicant ID and password that you used for last year's application. This information is needed to retrieve your previously submitted data.

DO NOT create a new applicant ID and password. If you do not have your applicant ID and password, please email the LRAP Coordinator.

Once you enter your applicant ID and password, the form will automatically populate with the information that you previously provided. Be sure to review and update all of the information. It is also important to check all appropriate Certification boxes. If you fail to check all appropriate boxes, your application may be denied.

It is important that you provide the requested information in the appropriate box on the application form if you

  • receive a loan repayment assistance loan from another provider
  • take part in a time limited fellowship program

Your application is not complete until you click the Submit Application button. You will see a screen confirming your submission. Please print this confirmation for your records, as it is the only confirmation that you will receive.

The deadline to submit your renewal application is no later than April 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. extended through Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

New Applications

If you have been selected to participate in our Loan Repayment Assistance Program, you must create an ID and password on our online application system. If you were selected and have participated in prior loan cycles, you should follow the Renewal Application Instructions.

Creating an Online ID

You will be presented with the following screen:

LRAP login page

When you click on Create New ID, you will be directed to the page below:

After you have completed this form, click on Create ID. The application will generate a six digit applicant ID. Keep track of this ID and your password, because you will need it in case you want to access your information in the future.

You will know that you have successfully completed the process, because the screen will show your unique applicant ID and the following text:

This is your Applicant ID. It is critical that you immediately make a note of your ID and the Password which you entered in the previous screen.  You will need both your Applicant ID and your password to log on to this application in the future.

Please print this page and keep it for your future reference.

If you lose your ID or password, email the LRAP Coordinator.

Completing the Application Form

To complete the application form, it is important that you fill in all of the contact information requested. We will mail all correspondence, including the loan award letter and loan payments, to your home address unless you instruct us otherwise. Please note that identifying your race and gender are optional. We request this information for evaluation purposes only.

To complete certifications on your application form, be certain to:

  • Read the Program Description for the definition of income and net worth.
  • Check all appropriate boxes. If you fail to check all appropriate boxes, your application may be denied.
  • Provide the requested information if you receive loan repayment assistance from another provider. Receiving other loan repayment assistance funds does not affect your eligibility for our loan repayment assistance.
  • Provide all the requested information if you take part in a time-limited fellowship program. The fellowship name and the anticipated end date of that fellowship program are required.

Documentation of all outstanding law school loans must be submitted electronically with the application. Documentation sent by any other means (e.g., fax) will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Satisfactory law school documentation consists of a statement from the lender showing the loan payoff amount (total principal plus accrued interest) as of the statement date. Your name, as well as the lender's name, must appear on the statement from the lender. For each law school-related loan, documentation must consist of the following information (at a minimum):

  • your name on the document,
  • lender name,
  • loan number, and
  • current loan balance.

If you have consolidated law school loans with undergraduate and/or graduate school loans, you must identify which portion of the consolidated loan is for law school and submit this explanation in a cover letter along with your loan documents.

Loan documentation must be submitted with the application in PDF format. You can convert or scan all documents to PDF, combine them into one file, and follow the instructions on the application form. Use your name and "Loan Documents" as the file name. For example, Lucy Lawyer - Loan Documents.

If you have consolidated undergraduate/graduate school loans with law school loans, provide a separate explanation of the amount of law school-only debt and how this amount was determined. Submit this explanation as a cover letter to your loan information and incorporate it into the PDF file.

Submitting Your Completed Application

Your application is not complete until you have uploaded your loan documentation AND clicked Submit Application. When your application has been successfully submitted, you will see a screen confirming your submission. Please print this screen for your records. It is the only confirmation that you will receive.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, email the LRAP Coordinator.