Grant Administration

Pro Bono Innovation Fund

Pro Bono Innovation Fund grants are subject to the same rules and regulations as other LSC grants. For guidance on the operation and responsibilities of LSC and our grantees, please review Laws, Regulations & Guidance.

Grant Terms and Conditions

Third-Party Contracts

Third-party contracts involving Pro Bono Innovation Fund grants can raise several compliance considerations.
You should review the following resources before contracting:

Grant Assurances

The grant assurance on contracting sets forth additional requirements when your legal aid organization enters into contracts for services. 

All procurement transactions must be conducted in a manner to provide, to the maximum extent practical, open and free competition. All third-party expenditures, regardless of cost, must be appropriately documented and are subjected to 45 CFR Part 1630.

Sample Request for Proposal

Issuing a request for proposal ensures that contracts are awarded competitively and that your organization obtains best value for the services and/or equipment required.

A sample document assembly RFP from our Technology Initiative Grant can be utilized by legal aid organizations seeking vendors for similar document assembly initiatives. Sections of the sample RFP may also apply to a broader range of technology projects.