Technology Initiative Grant Awards: TIG Projects Funded by Year

TIG Projects Funded by Year

The key goals of the Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) program are to encourage grantees to use technology in innovative ways to: 

  1. Effectively and efficiently provide high quality legal assistance to low-income persons and to promote access to the judicial system through legal information, advice, and representation; 
  2. Improve service delivery, quality of legal work, and management and administration of grantees; and 
  3. Develop, test, and replicate innovative strategies that can enable grantees and state justice communities to improve clients’ access to high quality legal assistance through an integrated and well managed technology system. 

2019 Technology Initiative Grants

In the 2019 cycle, LSC awarded TIGs to 30 legal services organizations totaling $4,230,718. Among the 30 grants awarded are several projects that improve online self-help resources. Other projects will increase access to justice for vulnerable populations and improve internal efficiency so that grantees can serve more clients. 

Click on the links below for more information on past years' TIG grants, list of awards, and completed TIG cycles. 

A report on TIGs awarded during the first decade of the program describes earlier-funded technology projects.