Case Study: Legal Services of Northern California’s New Website

Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC) unveiled its new website,, in November 2016—a clean, sleek, client- and mobile-friendly alternative to the previous iteration. The website favors simplicity and ease of access to information; that wasn’t always the case.

LSNC launched in 1999. Back then, it was designed for advocates within the organization and the state rather than clients. It initially displayed information about the kind of work the program did, but the size and scope of the website’s content quickly expanded—to the point where it became impossible to update.

So LSNC switched from providing information on its website to doing so through email subscription services. As a result, for five years, nothing was added to or removed from the website. But this didn’t affect client use because, in the early 2000’s, LSNC’s clients didn’t really have access to the internet.

Flash forward to 2015: Smartphones are ubiquitous and clients increasingly use them to access information about legal services. Realizing this, and that clients need the website as much as advocates and pro bono attorneys, LSNC embarked on fixing it. Here’s the timeline for the website:

  • November 2015: Began working with a consultant
  • December 2015: Had a big one-day workshop and brainstorming session on how to set up and organize the website
  • February 2016: Sent out an RFP for website development
  • March 2016: Selected DevCollaborative, and began contracting with them
  • September 2016: Completed work on the website
  • November 2016: Re-launched

With the upgraded website, clients can now quickly find the information they’re seeking, but also how to contact LSNC’s eight offices and several special programs. This was the goal: build the website in a way to invite clients in with plain-language and easy links to information and with direct contact information. in 2017.


At the end of the day, the entire website redevelopment project cost around $50,000. This is money well spent, according to the website analytics for (See below for the analytics from November 11, 2015 to December 11, 2015, compared to the same one-month period in 2016.)


  • Monthly user sessions = 2,624
  • Monthly mobile views = 530
  • Monthly tablet views = 137


  • Monthly user sessions = 8,585 (an increase of 330 percent)
  • Monthly mobile views = 3,626 (an increase of 680 percent)
  • Monthly tablet views = 325 (an increase of 240 percent)