TIG Project Evaluation Plan: Administrative Information

The TIG Evaluation Plan must include administrative information so LSC can track grant data, maintain grant documents and enable LSC staff to work with grantee staff  to develop effective evaluation plans.  Required information is identified below.

Grantee Name:
Enter the name of the LSC grantee that is the grant recipient for this project

TIG Grant Number:
Enter the TIG grant number for the project

Submission Date:
Enter date evaluation plan is submitted to LSC.

Approval Date:
Leave blank. This is the date the plan is formally approved by LSC.

Contact Person:
Enter name(s) of individuals LSC should contact with questions, etc., about the plan. Do not only enter the name of the grantee executive director or other top management person if they are not responsible for completing and submitting the plan.

Email address:
Enter email address(es) of contact person(s)

Phone number:
Enter phone number(s) of contact person(s)