Lobbying and Political Activities

The LSC statutes and regulations prohibit or restrict many forms of lobbying and political activities by LSC grantees and grantee staff and board members.  The major restrictions are summarized in the LSC Restrictions and Other Funding Sources table.  This page provides guidance regarding those restrictions and permissible activities involving government actors.  Please direct any questions to Mark Freedman in the Office of Legal Affairs at: mfreedman@lsc.gov

April 12 Webinar—Discussing Your Program and Clients without Lobbying

The Legal Services Corporation held a mandatory webinar on April 12, 2017, covering the following topics.  There were no slides—please see the other materials posted on this page for relevant information.  Please send questions to Mark Freedman in the Office of Legal Affairs at mfreedman@lsc.gov

  1. Educating members of Congress without lobbying.
  2. Other lobbying and political activities to avoid.
  3. Activities by staff on their personal time.
  4. Board member activities.


Social Media, Lobbying, and Political Activities

Lobbying Generally

March 8, 2017 Webinar—Educating Members of Congress About Civil Legal Aid