Video: Representative Debbie Dingell Urges Support for Legal Aid

November 6, 2019

Representative Debbie Dingell (MI-12) spoke on October 25 at a luncheon sponsored by the Michigan Bar Foundation at Michigan Advocacy Program’s new offices. She discussed the need to bridge the justice gap in order to protect due process.

“Access to justice is essential if we are to have due process in this country, and there are just too many barriers that remain,” said Rep. Dingell. “There’s no substitute – and we see that – for a competent lawyer, and far too many people don’t have access to proper legal counsel to ensure their rights are protected.”  

Equal access to justice among low-income Americans is often hampered by the high cost of legal counsel. In Michigan for example, there is only one legal aid lawyer for every 10,000 low-income individuals. 

Rep. Dingell, who is a co-chair of the Access to Civil Legal Aid Services Caucus, urged greater support for legal aid and reaffirmed her continued dedication to promoting legal aid in Congress. 

Watch her remarks below: