A Tribute to Iowa Chief Justice Mark Cady

November 21, 2019


LSC is saddened by the passing of Iowa Chief Justice Mark Cady, who died suddenly over the weekend in Des Moines.   

A soft-spoken but stalwart supporter of equal access to justice, he delivered compelling remarks at an LSC forum a few years ago about the impact that underfunding civil legal aid has on the administration of justice and the smooth functioning of the court system.

He sounded those themes powerfully again earlier this year when, in his capacity of the President of the Conference of Chief Justices, he co-authored a letter to Congress calling for more than a 30 percent increase in LSC funding.

“It is time for a significant increase in LSC funding in order to fulfill our nation's promise of ‘equal justice under law,’” he wrote.  

We are profoundly grateful for the many efforts Chief Justice Cady made during his exemplary career to help our country more fully realize this foundational promise.                                                                                                                                                                                

                                       John G. Levi