News on appropriations, PAI rulemaking, videos - plus Resources and news from the field - in the latest LSC Updates

The new issue of LSC Updates includes information on the appropriations process for FY 2014 and 2015, video of two excellent panel discussions that took place in July (the latest forum in LSC's exploration of the state of civil legal assistance in the United States), updated information on the... Continue reading >

Public Comment and Testimony Invited on LSC Appropriations Request for FY 2015

LSC is developing its FY 2015 appropriations request to Congress and seeks public comment and testimony on what the amount the request should be. To be considered, written comments must be recieved by 12 p.m. on Monday, June 10, 2013, and requests to testify at the June 11, 2013 meeting of the LSC... Continue reading >

Trello: A Swiss Army Knife For Tasks, Prioritizing And Project Planning

One of the great services available to the legal aid tech community (lstech) is LSNTAP's series of webinars on tech tools . I've somehow managed to miss every one of these webinars , but I'm a big fan of sharing the tools and strategies that allow us to more effectively get things done... Continue reading >

LSC Accepting Applications for Emergency Funds Related to Hurricane Sandy

LSC is currently accepting applications for emergency funds available to LSC grantees affected by Hurricane Sandy. The funds are available through two sources: The Legal Services Corporation Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Grant Program is for current LSC recipients to provide the mobile resources... Continue reading >

2013 Rulemaking re LSC's Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) Regulation

In response to the report of its Pro Bono Task Force, LSC has scheduled two rulemaking workshops and is requesting public comments on revising the Private Attorney Involvement regulation. View and download related materials and information . See the published Notice of Rulemaking Workshops in the... Continue reading >

Catch up on LSC happenings, discover useful resources & more in the latest issue of LSC Updates

The May issue of LSC Updates includes: LSC, White House Host Forum on Increasing Access to Justice LSC Sends Request for $486 million to Capitol Hill Workshops Scheduled to Explore Rulemaking Options Regarding Private Attorney Involvement LSC Welcomes Chief Development Officer New Resources... Continue reading >

LSC Welcomes Chief Development Officer Wendy Rhein

Wendy Rhein The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is pleased to announce that Wendy L. Rhein has joined its staff in the role of chief development officer. She will be responsible for providing strategic planning for and management of the Corporation’s private fundraising efforts to leverage... Continue reading >

Notes from Hackcess to Justice 2014: Day Two

The #HackcesstoJustice 2014 competition at Suffolk University Law School will end today at 5:00 pm with a five minute presentation by each team to the judges (the presentations are open to the public). In evaluating the products of the teams, the judges will be looking a several factors. First and... Continue reading >

Hacking For Justice

Welcome to the new LSC Technology blog, hosted here on the TIG site, and written by TIG and Information Technology staff. To kick this off, I wanted to report on a fun, exciting, and long overdue initiative we're on: making our non-confidential data available to hackers . Let me be clear here,... Continue reading >

New York Times Article Highlights Consequences for Individuals Facing Civil Matters Without Legal Help

Fifty years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright that an individual accused of a crime has a constitutional right to counsel even if they cannot afford to pay an attorney.. But what happens to poor people facing grave outcomes in civil matters? As part of its coverage of... Continue reading >