LSC President Jim Sandman on Penn Law's Public Interest Center Podcast

LSC President Jim Sandman was featured on an episode of the University of Pennsylvania Law School's Public Interest Center podcast. He was interviewed by Emily R. Sutcliffe, the Center's Associate Director, on the vital role legal aid plays in the justice system. Click here to listen to the podcast. Continue reading >

LSC President Jim Sandman Interviewed by Law Technology Now

LSC President Jim Sandman discussed legal technology in an episode of Law Technology Now , hosted by Monica Bay. He explained the reasons the law has been slow to adopt technology, the “levers of power” that might be used to change that rate, and the impact technology can have on access to justice... Continue reading >

Video: LSC President Jim Sandman’s Address at CodeX FutureLaw Conference

Jim Sandman Stanford
LSC President Jim Sandman opened the CodeX FutureLaw Conference at Stanford Law School on May 20. He explained the current barriers facing low-income Americans seeking legal help and also laid out the potential technology changes that could improve access to justice. Continue reading >

Equal Justice Conference Remarks by John G. Levi

It has been my great privilege these past six years to serve as the 10 th Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation. As a member of the host committee and a life-long resident of this city, it is my pleasure to join others in welcoming you to Chicago. In a few minutes,... Continue reading >

Welcoming Remarks by Board Chair John G. Levi | House Briefing on Why Is Legal Aid Important to American Business?

Good afternoon and welcome. I am John Levi, and I am privileged to serve as the 10th Chair of the Board of the Legal Services Corporation. Thank you for attending this significant briefing on the importance of civil legal aid to American business. I want to particularly acknowledge and thank... Continue reading >

Opening Remarks by Board Chair John G. Levi | White House Forum

Good afternoon. I am John Levi, and it is my distinct privilege and honor to serve as the 10th Chairman of the Board of the Legal Services Corporation. We are so grateful to the White House for giving us this opportunity once again to call attention to the crisis that exists in access to our... Continue reading >

Opening Remarks by Board Chair John G. Levi | Supreme Court Reception

Good evening. As most of you know by now, I am still John Levi, the 10th Chair of the Legal Services Corporation, and welcome to this wonderful reception. Weren’t our panels and speakers at the White House tremendous? I see that many of them are still with us, so let’s acknowledge them with a round... Continue reading >

Celebrating Edgar Cahn's 81st Birthday

Tonight we celebrate the remarkable Edgar Cahn – a visionary, a dreamer, and an idealist who is also an entrepreneur, a builder, and a pragmatist. Edgar has an extraordinary ability to turn big ideas into concrete realities that change the world for the better. He is proof of the difference one... Continue reading >

Legal Profession Loses Pro Bono Visionary: Esther F. Lardent

WASHINGTON – Esther F. Lardent will be remembered as a tireless champion for equal access to justice, Legal Services Corporation President James J. Sandman said today. “Esther did more to increase pro bono work by big law firms and corporate legal departments than any other person in the history of... Continue reading >

LSC President Jim Sandman's Address at Voices for Justice Event

LSC President Jim Sandman served as the keynote speaker at the Voices for Justice annual fundraiser. The event, held at the the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, California, supports the work of the the Legal Aid Society of Orange County and Community Legal Services in... Continue reading >