Innovations Conference 2018 — Emerging Technologies: Harnessing the Exponential Power of Digital Technology to Transform Legal Systems

Some have labeled the current era of history the Digital Transformation (a period predicted to last from 2000 to 2050). Much like previous eras in history (e.g., the Dark Ages, Enlightenment, etc), the Digital Transformation Age is reshaping society at almost every level. Just as electricity and the combustible engine redefined how we lived and worked during the Second Industrial Revolution (1870 to 1914), intelligent machines and infinite (quantum) computing, powered by Big Data and Moore’s Law, are massively transforming fundamental aspects of our personal and professional lives. This exponential shift is not being fueled by a single technology, but rather is a carefully orchestrated symphony of several technologies being performed in coordinated harmony. This presentation mostly focused on the impact Artificial Intelligence may have on the delivery of legal services and the practice of law. It examined fundamental tasks that legal staff do everyday (e.g., reading, writing and applying knowledge) and demonstrated how each is being greatly enhanced by intelligent applications.