Innovations Conference 2018 - Just Clicking Around: Is That Website Making Any Difference?

What's in a pageview? a session? a click? What is the impact of a statewide legal website offering freely accessible information and online court forms? The results of website visits are difficult, even impossible, to identify. A growing percentage of services in the legal community are delivered via short-term interactions, like help desks, apps, chatbots, and statewide websites. How do we measure the impact these services have on the people who use them? This session explored known outputs, unknown outcomes, and how to piece together a profile of anonymous website visitors. Panelists discussed how the tools for tracking and analyzing outputs and outcomes might be applied to limited engagements with legal website users. Data scientists discussed how identifying data relationships can help improve legal services, how predictive modeling works, why survey design is important, and answer participants’ questions about where to begin.