TIG 2017 Preventative Law: Using Storytelling to Engage Clients Early

TIG 2017 Preventative Law

LawHub and Pro Bono Net are partnering with a number of legal services organizations to explore how engaging and focused legal information videos and help prevent significant legal problems for low-income clients. They are working with Iowa Legal Aid and Legal Services NYC to develop video platforms focused on disaster relief. Disaster response is a good area in which to test these techniques because many of the issues disaster victims face -such as obtaining housing repairs, negotiating with contractors, addressing employment issues, and accessing public benefits -are also everyday legal problems. Disasters present unique and difficult challenges, but the same tools and strategies used in rapid response efforts can be employed for preventative legal rights education with the goal of building the capacity of individuals and communities to be more resilient in the future. The session previewed a number of videos, both final versions and works-in-progress, to demonstrate how to use media in creative ways to engage clients in prevention.

Presenters: Lisa Gavin, Manager Midwest Legal Disaster Coordination Project, Iowa Legal Aid; Liz Keith, Program Director, Pro Bono Net; Adam Stofsky, CEO, Briefly.